“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness.”

II Tim. 3:16

It is the desire of the Rosedale Baptist Church to provide a program of advance study in Bible through the local church. Rosedale Baptist Church is an independent, fundamental, Baptist Church teaching Bible exclusively using The Authorized Old King James Version. Rosedale Baptist Bible Institute is a “tuition free” ministry offering the opportunity to study The Scriptures and to prepare people for ministry through module and independent study. Each student will only be responsible for the minimal cost of workbooks. Module courses are offered through Fall and Spring semesters. Over 100 independent study courses will be offered at times when module courses are not in session. Independent Study Courses will require a combination of reading assignments, workbook or project completion, and exams. Each student’s timely progress will be closely monitored.

A student will earn a Certificate of Completion for every course completed. Each course will earn the student an equivalent of 3 credit hours. Upon the completion of 105 credit hours, the student will be eligible to receive a Certificate in Bible and will be honored with graduation from the RBBI ministry. A student may receive full credit for courses taken through another institution, however credit received will be at the discretion of RBBI. Likewise, RBBI will co-operate fully with the transfer of credits to other like institutions of Biblical study.

Courses of study include General Bible, Pastoral Ministry, Christian Education, and Christian Counseling.

Recently, in addition to the regular Bible Institute program, a Bible correspondence program is being offered. Courses offered through the modular program are available for home study through this special opportunity. Courses taken through the Correspondence Program are not eligible for credit hours and may not be transferable to other institutions. A Certificate of Completion will be issued upon completion of each course. With each course there will be a $10 charge to cover the costs of postage and publication.

Mention that you learned of the program via our website and your first course will be sent to you at our expense.

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For more information or to obtain a free copy of RBBI’s Handbook and Enrollment Packet, either write the church at….

c/o Rosedale Baptist Church
115 East 15th Street
Hammonton, N.J. 08037Or call the church at 609-561-4208 and be sure to leave a message.